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 Nobu Internationalsearches the world for new, unique and hard to find products and accessories for our clients. We create unique partnerships that will add value to the logistical process to deliver a program that will exceed our customer’s expectations at competitive price levels. Our creativity in finding solutions will change the way our clients look towards the international trading world.
 Nobu Jewelry  Formerly known as Henry Yamada's Jewelry
 Stop by our jewelry section and look into Nobu Jewelry's vault of brilliant delectable's, custom creations for that special person in your life. Nobu Jewelry (Formerly known as Henry Yamada's Jewelry), serving the Greater Los Angeles area and the Japanese American Community since 1976 in Little Tokyo, the original custom creators of the Kamon - Family Crest, Chinese and Japanese Animal Horoscope Signs, Kanji and Hiragana (Japanese characters) jewelry.
 Firefly's Japanese characters, custom graphic designs, embroidery, transfers, and silk screen services, well known throughout the business and film world in Southern California. Our apparel line features Hanes, Fruit Of The Loom, Outer Banks, Anvil, AAA and other major manufacturers too numerous to list. For your special event, club, yacht, functions or social affair, Firefly will custom design the graphics you desire and apply to apparels of your choice.
New Products For 2013
New Line of Fishing "T" Shirts in English and Japanese
"It took Me 60 Years To Look This Good"
(English & Japanese)
"Gambare Nihon"                            "Go For Broke"

             (Presevere Japan)                      (442nd Infantry & 100th Batt.)

"Bakatare"                                      "Kusottare"
  (Stupid)                                         (Sh*t Head)
                                                                   Events in Southern California
73rd Annual Nisei Week Festival - August, 2013  or Find us on
Facebook at  or call us @ 213-687-7193

Little Tokyo 
Los Angeles 
Nisei Week Festival - August, 2013
Orange County 

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 New Product Notice: Custom Wall clocks with your personal photos, graphics, family crest or kanji.
 New Line of Fishing "T" Shirts in English and Japanese.
73rd Annual Nisei Week Festival - August, 2013.
 Events in Los Angeles
 Events in Orange County