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Cushzilla: The Cushi Life Starts Here
So you're new to the Cushzilla life and you want to know more about it.
We'll try to explain this amazing cushy Cushi phenomenon. Are you ready?
Cushis, or Cushzilla are an amazingly soft and warm and fluffy and fun new style of leisure wear. 
You might call us a Costume PJ or adult pajamas or costume pjs but we're not really or not quite just that. 
Why? Well, we also have kids sizes for a great pre-teen or tween onesie or jumper / romper animal costumes .
Cushzillas are almost like footy pajamas or footed pajama or animal pajamas for adults, but without the feet so you can actually wear them out with shoes. They have a pocket too!
Seriously useful, but not for taking too seriously.
In Japan, there's a kigurumi lifestyle where people wear insanely cute animal costume pjs out and about and they're called the kigarumin.
Cushzilla can be that, a plush costume or funny costume even more fun when worn in groups, but it can also just be a snuggie comfy one-piece to wear instead of nasty ratty sweats.
Leisure wear with an attitude, wear it to school as the best uniform ever. Or something.
Be cushy in your Cushi. For men and women and anybody at all who wants to get their Cushi on.
Adult Sizes
                   Black Sheep                             Cat                                 Brown Bear                               
               Chicken                              Cushi Bat                                  Cow                                 
       Jack Russel - Dog                      Pug - Dog                           Poodle - Dog
               Shihtzu                              Elephant                            Flying Squirrel
            Guineapig                                  Frog                                   Giraffe
             Hamster                           Hamster-Blue                       Hamster-Pink
                              Hamster-Purple                        Kangaroont
roducing our latest addition tForo our
.Introducing our latest addition to our product line, Cushzilla Kigurumi and Costumes.
Please visit our Tokyo Kigurumi website for purchases and details.
Click this link for Tokyo Kigurumi